Director, Little Howard’s Big Question Series 1 - 3, BBC

Directed and script-edited three series of Howard Read’s ambitious live-action/animation fact-based sitcom. Guests included David Schneider, Doc Brown and Tim Brooke-Taylor.

Winner of Writer’s Guild Award for Best Children’s TV Script.

‘A perfectly wrought gem’ - The Scotsman.

Director, Ulysses 31 Redux

Short film. A lo-fi comedy tribute to an eighties sci-fi classic. Starring Marek Larwood, Sy Thomas and Isabel Fay.

Director, Stupid - Series 1 & 2, BBC

Sketch show starring Miranda Hart, Phil Cornwell, James Bachman and

Alex Lowe. Location director on both series and multi-camera studio director

on series two. Produced by Adam Bromley (series 1) and Caroline Norris (Series 2).

Director, Menage a Soixante-Treize

Musical-comedy short about a suicide bomber for Straight 8. Written by and starring Isabel Fay, co-starring Nathan Clarke. Clever Pie Productions. Shown in the London Short Film Festival as one of the best Straight 8s of 2011.

Director, I Control Your Heartbeat

Promo for new band, Elia.

Director, Tree Fu Tom Titles, BBC

Live-action titles for landmark Cbeebies animation voiced by David Tennant.

Director, Trevor Island, BBC

Sitcom pilot with large ensemble cast including Jeremy Swift, Francis McGee

and Julia Deakin.

Director, The Potential Wives of Prince Harry

Comedy short written by and starring Brona Titley.

Director, Corporate Viral, Tesco

Produced and directed corporate spy-themed viral for product launch.

Director, Try Espresso, Promo

Produced and directed documentary online promo for Espresso Education.

Director, TimeTravellersGo Viral, English Heritage/Ballista    

Wrote and directed viral with Horrible Histories’ Terry Deary.

Director, The Worst Thing Ever, BBC

Docudrama about divorce, incorporating animation, drama and interviews.

Director, Chute, BBC

Anarchic studio comedy clip/sketch show produced by Steve Ryde and starring Ross Lee. I set the show’s distinctive style, shooting entirely from a child’s POV in a four-wall set, with each sketch happening in a single take. Guest artists included Ted Robbins, Bobby Ball and Bill Oddie.

Director, Sleeping Beauty Uncovered, BBC

This 50 minute comedy-drama was the most-watched children’s programme of the year.

Director, Blue Peter Quests Series 1-3, BBC 

Conceived, wrote and directed these ambitious interactive cliffhanger adventure serials.

Director, Blue Peter, BBC

Filmed a wide variety of factual films and half-hour specials, including an Amazon adventure, sporting specials and a jousting film with Terry Jones.


Writer, Rose’s Diary, BBC

Doctor Who webisode pilot commissioned by Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner. 3 mins pilot plus 13 episode series outline.

Script Editor, Little Howard’s Big Show

Perrier Nominee and Royal Variety Howard Read’s 2011 Edinburgh show.

Producer, Basil’s Swap Shop, The Foundation

Writing, producing and directing comedy sketches.

Development Producer, Running Bare Productions

Edit-produced a comedy/factual taster for John Noel’s production company.

Producer, Gina’s Laughing Gear, BBC

Developed series and produced Gina Yashere elements of programme.

Producer, Dollby City, BBC

Developed and produced this sitcom pilot by Ben Moor.

Development Producer, RDF Digital

Developed virals for Robinsons FruitShoots campaign.

Writer, Chute, BBC

Anarchic studio comedy clip/sketch show.

Writer, Stupid - Series 2, BBC                                 

Sketch writer.

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